Saturday, July 6, 2013

---------intai skit



waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh! >_< matured !hee...
idontknowwhattosaybut...backtoQuranandAlsunnah,please !

Rasulullah P.B.U.H. once said that, '' if you hold these two thing,u'll never lost(insyaaAllah),that are AlQuran and Alsunnah..''

hurmm...actually  today i'm a bit lazy to type this entry,but bcoz i wanna share something with all of you,so decided to 'GO GO CHAYYOKK'!! (erk ??!)

u know what,when we're alone,we'll feel something that incomplete,miserable,something u dont know what it is but you lost it..i felt it..when i first came here(college),i'm all alone..

but,i feel sooooooo LUCKY n thanks Allah,He gave me frenss who made my day amazing!

they always remind me,even they were all far away,they always text me messages that would build up my spirit,n give me support n remind me to always remember Allah..

oke,i think i'm out of ideas...maybe bcoz of my worksss are waiting for me...yeah,being a matriculation student makes ur life sometimes very hectic,no time to play n even to eat..but,i believe He always with me..He will ease my day along here,insyaAllah..

pray for me,pray for Syria,pray for Morsi,pray for all Muslems..

dats all,

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