Saturday, October 12, 2013

i miss my sweethearts :'(

this is my second entry i guess,since i'm officially a matrics student...

being a college bad..but........
there's a lot of things i need to is this and how is it can or or illegal in Islam...especially in sociality..i need to recall back what i've learned in school and need to practice it..u know what?sometimes i find it a lil bit difficult to practice what we've learned before,even we always heard that thing..however i feel soooo grateful that i got to be here,bcoz i've learned sooo much and i faced 10 percent(maybe) about how the outside world is...if u never been in this hard world,don't talk much..don't ever think that u can survive it easily without any strength..especially,ur 'inside's strength'..i can't talk much,bcoz i'm not in the real world..this matrics is just a pinch of salt i supposed..but hopefully,i pray to Allah,may He strenghten our heart and believing to Him and thabbit in His Deen;Islam...insyaAllah,Ameen..

--actually i miss my sweethearts,my darlings,my babies,my sweety little pies...i really miss them n our moments back days..dats why i made their picture as my that i can see them everytime i open my lappy..feel like crying................ :'( :'(

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Haura' said...

i'm really miss them!!!! :'(

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