Wednesday, April 17, 2013

12-14 April 2013>DONE!


assalamualaikum ^^,

hows ur day?fine?say Alhamdulillah..
worst?never give up to pray to Him~

all i have to say here is,ALHAMDULILLAH..thank God!
for keep me alive till this day..eventhough i have sooooooooo many mistakes to HIM...... 

and also THANK GOD,for gave me a chance to gathered with my beloved frens,
my old frens,presents,and so many new frens..
just at HiMEGA 13~

oh,talking about HiMEGA,what i've got there???

1-semestinya dpt jumpe kwn lame:mayam,tuan,asma',khadeejah,SRIKians,kawan2 SMAKLians,MATRIlians,kawan baru,kak adzkia,kak aisyah Sidek yang saye xknal die tp die knal sy,
and so on..

2-some advice and suggestions about my course-to-be,job prospect,ipt,and some details about the course i like to apply, from lecturers and seniors..

3-pengisian rohani of course
(nanti saya kongsi ea.. ^^,)

4-merasa lah hidop kat negeri orang dan merase jugak duk kat UTeM tu...huhoho~

sum of all,it is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious !!

hohohohoo ~~

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