Thursday, May 9, 2013





GE13?ha'a..betullah tu..
eh,tp,i'm not going to talk about dat lah..i'm not at the age yet..


it's about Family Gathering lah~~

5 more..
in-laws and nieces and nephew

this iffah was sooo buas the night before..

and this echah was sooo buas and playful that day..she play everything she saw,and she wanted to know everything that happens around her..look,she play phones,ball,laptop,and even toothpicks..*sigh*

this chubby little udin stay quietly while his sister play around..soooo cute when his sister approached him and kissed him with sound-mmMMuaahh!!

but,this iffah is demam that day,so she can't play along with her cousin..i felt so sad for looking iffah so lifeless..hurmm..*sobsob

^may Allah bless all of you,my sweeties^

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